05/27/03 Danny McMahan, 1308 S. College St., Seattle, WA, 98144
(206) 322-0631
Thank you so much for the wonderful accommodations. This has been an eye opening experience. I never realized how much of a "network" the bicycling community was. Dinner was great, the cabin rocks, & I look forward to the effects of the high energy Protein drink to fuel me down the road. Peace, love, and happiness! Danny

05/27/03 Danielle DePasquale, 2550 3rd Ave., #305, Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 551-5925 danielledepasquale@hotmail.com
Seattle, WA to Denver, CO
Thank you so much for opening up your home to us. One of the best parts of this experience has been meeting wonderful people like yourselves & hearing all the great stories of other people on tours. Please continue doing what you are. It is extremely appreciated! Danielle

06/04/03 Jeff Harshbarger, 266 Yacht Club Lane, Andersonville, TN  37705
(865) 494-9624  sciiteach@aol.com
Thank you so much for your hospitality. Thanks also for the transportation to and from the airport. My wife and I really appreciate it. You guys are awesome. Breakfast was great too. What you are doing is wonderful. Keep it up. God Bless.

06/04/03 Tom Sims, P. O. Box 627, Norris, TN 37828, (865) 494-0477
What a great break after sleeping on the ground three weeks. Although I didn't have an opportunity to sleep in your cabin, I did enjoy the most fantastic breakfast on the trip-thanks Jo-An. I really enjoyed being in the company of two people who truly enjoy cyclists.

06/06/03 & 06-07-03 Ken Kifer, P.O. Box 502, Scottsboro, AL 35763 kenkifer@kenkifer.com
This was a great opportunity to meet some really nice people.  This was the best stop of the entire tour.  Traveling AL to West Coast and back. [NOTE: Ken passed away in September 2003 when he was struck by a drunk driver while riding his bike. He is a legend among bike tourists. Read about him and his legacy at www.kenkifer.com]

06-08-03 Akos Elody, 22600 Middlebelt, G-28, Farmington, MI 48336
Key West to Anchorage
Great place, great people, Thanks!

06-09-03 Jack Darr, 183 22nd Ave., San Francisco, CA 94121 jedarr@aol.com
Paradise found. Wonderful food, fabulous accommodations, terrific people! A "can't miss" place.

06-11-03 Chuck Cummings, 1105 S. Cummings Lane, Washington, IL
(309) 444-9861, cummings3949@yahoo.com
Bjomar Amesen, Nissenagt. 5, 0556 Oslo, Norway amesen@tiscali.no

06-12-03 Kevin Jobst, Pomona, CA
Erin Jobst, Portland, OR 97210

06-14-03 Rinske Schukken  & Michiel Maas
Karnemelle sloot 20  2806 BH Gouda
sokrates@ksyall.nl   http:/www.rinske.com
Now that's coffee! We'll be back to read all the books!

06-16-03 Jim Cavalieri, 8433 SE 13th Ave., Portland, OR 97202, (503) 231-5453
Jimmycavalieri@attbi.com  Trans AM -Florence, Or to Avalon, NJ
Thanks for the Wyoming license plate!  I'll send you one for Oregon and New Jersey when we are done.

06-16-03 Nathan Palmer, 2131 SE Hawthorne #2, Portland, OR 97214 (503)235-6346 alterante@hotmail.com  Trans Am - Florence, OR to Avalon, NJ
Thanks for the food, shower and cabin.  We'll be back soon!!

06-16-03 Chris Boyce, 630 NE Lawrence Ave. #16, Portland, OR 97214, (503) 235-3519 cboycepdx@aol.com Trans Am - Florence OR to Avalon, NJ
Thank you so much for such a great rest stop! The cabin was great. It is so generous of you to open your home to cyclists who are craving home cooking, a nice shower, and a dry place to sleep. My parents would be comforted to know such nice people are taking care of me out in the middle of Wyoming! Thanks! Chris

06-16-03 Mark Porter,  Plymouth, England   Heading East to West on Trans Am -- 165miles today
Wonderful company and superb food. Thank you. A welcome rest after my longest day, Saratoga to Lander. Glad you spotted me, Dave, As I missed the turn in here! Thanks again, Mark.

06-17-03 John Mathews, Harrogate North Yorkshire, England
Yorktown to OR
Dave and Jo-An, thank you for providing me with all the things I have been longing for. Everyone I met recommended that I stay with you and they weren't wrong: great food, laundry, and use of the computer and a fantastic place to sleep.  What more could I ask for? Thanks for your hospitality, John  johnemathews@fsmail.com  john.mathews@harrogate.gov.uk

06-19-03 Albert Jordan, 919 Sprague Road, Indianapolis IN 46217
Thanks very much.  I did not expect to be catered to like this on this trip.

06-19-03 Eugene Rodriquez, 3322 Colard Lane, Lyons, CO 80540

06-20-03 David (son) & Donald (father) Kroudsma
11 hours of sleep in your cabin, and I think I could go for 11 more. I'm here with my father, who did not get 11 hours because he woke up at 4:30 am to bird. What a crazy man! David and Jo-An, WOW! Thank you! This has been amazing. Take care, David. AND great birds this morning, among them an Olive-sided Flycatcher in the yard, singing "Quick, Three Beers." And chickadees, warblers, Vireos and sapsuckers J Oh Happy Day!  Don   (Hi, Keith)

06-21-03 Stefan Ivanoff, Charlotte, NC  Yorktown, VA to Florence, OR
(LA-CA) bornagainhypolrite@yahoo.com
Dave and Jo-An rock! Aspen Meadows is the kindest, most generous hostel I have come across in all my travels. Thank you very much for everything!

06-23-03 Patrick McDermott, Bluff, UT - On the Great Divide South to Mexico.
Thanks Dave and Jo-An for all your hospitality and refuge from the snow! This was the nicest, friendliest place I've stayed along the entire trail so far. You are the best.

06-24-03 Sarah & Detlef Hagge smhagge@hotmail.com  www.msbikeride.com
Heading South to Mexico on Great Divide Route
Dave & Jo-An, your rescue from the snow, delicious food, hot showers, warm & clean laundry, cozy cabin, and outhouse that still has the "new outhouse" smell, were more than we could've dreamed of asking for. Thanks so much for your company and hospitality. We feel rested and repaired. You even arranged for the sun to appear for us J

06-26-03 Kris Boudreau  & Kes Roberts  kesroberts@negia.net   boudreau@uga.edu
670 Rivermont Road, Athens GA 30606 (706)369-6776
Heading West on the Trans Am. We had a tough day today and were so grateful for your hospitality. This is a fabulous place-sure to be a part of cycling history. Thanks! Thanks for rescuing us from the headwinds! And for the best meal and best night's sleep of the trip. Looking forward to our next trip through. Thanks! Please stay with us if you're ever in Athens, GA.

06-27-03 Rich Jirsa, 6614 Crest View Lane, NW, Rochester, MN (507)285-5639
Thank ya for the food, shower, bed and especially the warm welcome. Best wishes! (Recommended that we read "Ender's Game".)

07/01/03 Gwen Pozega, 409 Raymond St., Helena, MT  (406) 443-3915
Riding a section of The Great Divide Route with four other crazy Women! Heading North to Moran Junction. This is a great place, Dave and Jo-An. Thanks so much for the great food (especially the  homemade peppermint ice cream!). The bed, the shower, and most of all, thanks for putting up with us!!

07-01-03 Angie Grove, 562 State, Helena, MT 59601 grove@in-tch.com
(406) 442-5121 Yee Haw!  This place rocks-thanks a ton!  (One of the crazy women.)

07-01-03 Cheryl Boyles   Thank You!! (Another one of the crazy women).

07-01-03 Amy Kelly, 421 W. Story St., Bozeman MT 59715, aok@mcn.net
Unbelievable-really, when Gwen told us about you and your place after reading  it on the Internet, we all thought "CAN'T BE TRUE". But the truth is, your openness, friendliness, hospitality-and excellent food and accommodations to boot!-have been a highlight of what has already been an amazing trip. You live in paradise! Thank you!

07-01-03 Gwen Sensenig, 901 Highland, Helena, MT (406) 457-8688 gsphess@aol.com
Not every bike hostel has Jerry & Larry. This was the best -down to the last detail. Thank you for your fantastic hospitality! We'll send everyone your way from the Great Divide Cyclery.

07-02-03 Tom Brockman, Louisville, KY  Trans Am East to West
It's hard to leave early when the hospitality is so wonderful!  Thank you Dave & Jo-An for everything.

07-02-03 Brad Alter, New York, NY, Trans Am, East to West
After being on the road for eight weeks, I can only think of a handful of times such as this, where I've been able to put the road behind me for an evening. Thank you so much for this needed break!

07-02-03 Ivonne Kopmels & Jan Schaart, from the Netherlands. Cycling the Great Divide from South to North. We planned our day over the Union Pass carefully to make a stop at your bike hostel, recommended by other cyclists. Thank you for your hospitality!!

07-03-03 Franklin B. (Pete) Smith & Melodie E. Thompson, Chattanooga, TN,
Thanks for the wonderful hospitality and wonderful atmosphere. The food was exceptional also, a welcome respite from the road. Thank you, Jo-An & Dave, you're wonderful hosts.

07-04-03 Trish &  Phill Collins, Perth, West Australia, Trans Am Trail
07-05-03 www.trishandphill.optiic.com
The hospitality at Jo-An and Dave's is just tremendous. They're hospitality and friendliness is so incredible. They made us so welcome it was like a home away from home, and the home made cooking was worth the ride here. Thank you, two special people who we will never forget.

07-05-03 Jeremy Jenker, Buffalo, NY
Best hostel so far on this trip. Great food and accommodations. Went into town last evening to watch a rodeo and have some beers. Had a great time! Thanks!!

07-06-03 Maggie Davies and Kurt Herrmann, davies.me@yahoo.com,
kh-part2@yahoo.com  Bike bums on the Trans American Route
Thank you for the warm and wonderful hospitality. Rested and refreshed, refueled, we go on, but look wistfully back to the Aspen Meadows Hostel.

07-07-03 Lucas Jensen, Vejle, Denmark, lucasjensen@yahoo.dk, The Great Divide, North to South, Started out in Prince Rupert, BC
Today is my 22nd day on the road. I'm doing about 70-80 miles a day. Weather has been good so far. The ride today from Flagg Ranch to here has been the easiest so far. J Going all the way (at least trying to) to the Mexican border. Dave and Jo-An's bike hostel is a cool and friendly place perfectly situated between Flagg Ranch and Pinedale.

07-07-03 Rex & Karen Kelley, from Searsport, ME going to Florence, OR
Started on April 15th. Had freezing temperatures, snow, rain, etc. in NE, so we lost 10 +/- days of riding.  Also took a week off in May for trip to San Francisco to daughter's graduation from SFSU. Having a great trip. Enjoying vistas, people, and quiet of the ride. But don't like the headwinds of Wyoming! Still it is a wonderful experience and a journey we will always remember. Thank you to Dave and Jo-An for Hospitality, Food, and the Ride from Dubois!

07-08-03 Don Kolstad,  Santa Barbara, CA    Great Divide Route South Bound
Started solo mid-June. Heard about Aspen Meadows Bike Hostel from the various riders we met. Always rave reviews!!  Dave and Jo-An have eclipsed the rave reviews easily. Thank You! The people along the route have made this an exceptional route. Jo-An, remember these clothing companies to keep you warm: Fuzzy Stuff -vapor barrier shirt, www.warmlite.com (Stephenson's Warmlite Equipment, Guilford, NH), Smart Wool, and Patagonia Puffball Vest

07-08-03 Daniel Fallwell,  Austin, TX  danielfall@yahoo.com
I am riding the Great Divide WY Mountain Bike Route. I am glad we found your site on the web site. My wife told me this would be the recommendation on Aspen Meadows. Go and stay a long time. So after two helpings at dinner, my body is replenished and ready to go over Union Pass. I'll spread the word on a great bed and greater food. Send me e-mails if you can.

07-08-03 Alan Vandeventer, Casper, WY  Riding the Trans Am (in pieces)
This time from West Yellowstone to Casper (instead of Rawlins). Heard about Aspen Meadows from Rex and Karen Kelly. It was a Godsend. Thanks for the hospitality! Enjoy the rest of the riders!

07-10-03 John & Marjorie Barrett,  Melbourne, Australia, barrett@au.mensa.org
Tandem riders started in Arlington, VA on May 3, and Yorktown VA on May 6th. Rode through KY, IL, MO, KS, IA, followed US 30 to Cheyenne, then Laramie, Medicine Bow, & Rawlins. Plan to ride to Astoria, OR, then to San Diego. Today we made it to Aspen Meadows and spent a restoring afternoon here. Thanks.

07-10-03 Betsy Marcotte & Lloyd Feinberg,  Great Falls, VA  lordjambl@aol.com 
This has definitely been one of the high points of our cross-country trip. Your warmth and hospitality (to say nothing of Jo-An's cooking) are incredible. We are so glad we stopped. We look forward to keeping in touch. Thanks so much!

07-12-03 Naoyuki "Nao" Kato, 6-1-19 Hatanodai, Shinagawa-Ward, Tokyo 142-0064, Japan  (03) 3781-8212  alaskasnowboarding@hotmail.com
Riding the Divide North to South
This is the most hospitable place on the route so far, and will most likely be for the entire route without any doubt. We're so fortune to have the place like this, 1000 miles from the Canadian border. Riding the Divide will be memorable & unforgettable, and you're the part of it! Thanks and keep in touch. J (later in the week, Jo-An and Dave found a little note left on Dave's wheel barrel, written on duck tape and stuck on the handle "Thanks a lot. Best place on the planet!" Nao, with a drawing of the Japanese flag!)

07-13-03 David Tabb,  4609 Stanton Way,  Bakersfield, CA 93309
Continental Divide Trail Hiker
07-14-03 What a lovely surprise! Nice to be here with my gracious hosts and comfortable surroundings. Excellent food and conversation. Thank you so much. You all are truly "trail angels".

07-14-03 Marc Chabot (dad),  Cindy Perry (driver), Eric Chabot  (17th Birthday 07-15-03), Christopher Chabot  (13), Abe Adams (17), all from  Strafford, Vermont  marc.chabot.81@alum.dartmouth.org
Five of us arrived today from Moran Junction, four cyclist and our SAG wagon driver. We started from Missoula and we're heading for the CO border. We rode with full equipment until Yellowstone when Cindy arrived with a car. We're very happy and well fed here.

07-16-03 John Paulmann,  P.O. Box 32, Russell,  MASS  Trans Am East Bound
To Dave and Jo-An who have saved my life on the road: my chest pains are gone today after a struggle over the pass yesterday. No doubt your gracious and generous hospitality have me on the mend already. Hopefully, there will be another day to take up the trail once again on this fabled "Trans Am". But I don't think there will ever be another experience of such warm and caring help on the road as I have found here. My dearest thanks to you both, for sending me back on the real trail to life, to recovery and to dream again about cycling on the long road. Cheers and Thanks. (Dave drove John the next day to Jackson to catch All Trans Inc. Bus Line (307)733-1719 connecting with Gray Hound Bus in Idaho Falls to return to his home.)

07-17-03 Gordon G. Stremice, Minneapolis, MN
Dave & Jo-An, Many thanks for an outstanding setup, for being gracious hosts and for providing an outstanding meal.  The meatloaf, mash potatoes, and corn on the cob were truly heavenly. May the both of you continue this successful gig and have many, many more biker travelers pass though.

07-17-03 Kobie "Roadwarrior" Rhodes,  NZ, Australia  http://roadwariors.home.icg.com   poppamono@hotmail.com
What can I say?  Fantastic!! Many thanks for your awesome hospitality, the use of the garage--my bike has never been so well serviced! And the food, I am feeling well fueled up for the big hill to come; most delicious!!! I will be recommending you to everyone we meet. All the best, Kobie

07-17-03 Tom Emme,  Minneapolis, MN
Thanks again for the incredible hospitality. The food was tremendous. The chain-cleaning tool really came in handy-my bike thanks you too. I will be sure to spread the word about your hostel.

07-17-03 Jacob Culver, Portland, OR  jacab__culver@hotmail.com
An oasis of hospitality in increasingly inhospitable travels. My stay here will certainly be the peak of my trip. Thank you for everything.

07-18-03 Dave Wagoner, Centreville, VA  http://members.cox.net/daveonabike
Thank you for the warm hospitality. It is recharging me. I'm glad I got to use the outhouse in such pristine condition. We are very excited to see the Tetons, headwinds be damned! Have a wonderful year!

07-18-03 Audrey, Ann Arbor, MI   daisylynn5@aol.com
This was awesome! Wonderful food, very warm environment and very comfortable place to sleep. Thank you so much for inviting us into your home. It's nice to know that future cyclists will also have this opportunity/experience. Thanks so much, and keep up the good work!

07-18-03 Joel Guzman   http://members.cox.net/daveonabike   jdguzman@alum.mit.edu
This  is one of the best places, if not the best place I've stayed in along the Trans Am Route. (I started in Wichita, KS)  Thanks for the hospitality.

07-20-03 John Edmundson  j.edmundson@comcast.net
We really appreciate your great hospitality.  Thanks!  We biked from Kalispell, MT to Buffalo, WY.  This is a great oasis and we'll spread the word.

07-20-03 Keith Beheke,  Welch, MN
Thanks!  The great food will help me make 100 miles today!

07-20-03 Ginny Champion & Jim Bonner,  Flemington, NJ
Thank you for your hospitality.  It's our first cross-country trip, and this is the first hostel we've stay in.  If this is any indication of what we can expect as we go eastward, we will surely enjoy our trip more.  We're happy to spread the word about Aspen Meadows and hope we can encourage others to make cyclists happy along the way!

07-21-03 Dave & Anna  dostald@alum.dartmouth.org
Dave and Anna doing our own Great Parks/Continental Divide Trail hybrid route: Winter Park, CO to Jasper, AB
This place is a beautiful spot, good food, laundry, and free beer?!! What a smokin' deal! Thanks for everything.  The world needs more of this kind of hospitality. Dave
This is my first hostel on my first tour, and I don't see how it  could get any better than this! Thanks for your awesome hospitality, great food and company. Anna

07-22-03 Will Norfleet  bikeforcancerprevention2003.4+.com
Westbound for the park and beyond riding for cancer prevention
I've eaten more here than any other place on the trail! Great food, people, and scenery. I'm happy to be out of the desert and can't wait to get over the pass. Happy Trails!

07-24-03 Margreet Hofman,  Hank Koor,  Jeramy Feemanas
from The Netherlands   hhofmanteernstra@yahoo.com
On the road we already heard of Aspen Meadows "good stories". They  turned out to be even better than that. We had two wonderful nights, with superb food and a great place to sleep. There was no better place to celebrate my birthday (Margreet). Thank you very much for your hospitality.

07-25-03 Ben Lingo
Thanks so much for the wonderful food and indoor accommodations. And clean clothes and shower. It was nice to have a little motherliness on the road
Matt Klairanout
Our first night of rain was spent in you garage! Fate?

07-25-03 Brandon Jaeger, from Pennsylvania-riding from Point Pleasant, NJ to Bellingham, WA  brandonjaeger@yahoo.com
So far, this is one of only 2 nights I went out of my way to stay at a particular establishment, because I've heard so much about this place. I'm certainly glad I did.You provide a great place for people like us. The movie made me teary-eyed, and it's great to be part of this community. Peace be with you!

07/25/03 Geoff Saunders, Blacksburg, VA  Riding Rawlins, WY to Florence, OR  gsaun@vt.edu
Dave and Jo-An, you are wonderful! You do so much for us cyclist and with such a friendly and warm attitude. Thanks for the wonderful food, beautiful place to stay and the great fellowship.

07-25-03 Mike Gibney,  Mat Thomas   mgibney@iaff3546.org
Pleasanton and Pioneer, CA  (firemen)
Eating our way from Canada to Mexico on the Great Divide Trail. Having an unbelievable time, seeing awesome sights, experiencing wonderful people, having a great adventure! Thank you very much for everything and adding a feeling of home to our trip. Thanks for helping restore our faith in Humanity. GO CUBS!!

07-26-03 Luke Vermeulen,  lvermeul@umich.edu  Trans Am West to East
West Bloomfield, MI
Wonderful hospitality and food. If I didn't know better I would've thought I was part of the family. Thank you very much for you kind generosity.

07-26-03 Thomasz and Martin Barczyk, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  On Part of the Great Divide, Roosville to Denver, CO  touran767@net.ca
When we were planning our trip, we knew this place will be good, we didn't know how good it really is. Thanks a lot for wonderful hospitality, cabin out of the dreams, and all the food which will fuel us up the hill and well beyond. We plan to make the Trans American Trail some time soon and will try to visit you again.

07-27-03 Alvin Izuno, 4391 Loreto Ln., Reno, NV 89502-7502 aventuredude@renomail.net
Dear Dave and Jo-An, I heard about your hostel and was given a business card at the Great Divide Cyclery in Helena.  I met Geoff Saunders last night at the Colter Bay Village Campground and he told me I should not pass up your hostel.  Of course, they were right. The dinner, I didn't expect. But, the breakfast I had been told about was to die for.  And, the laundry - it's hospitality and service above and beyond. I'm headed south over Union Pass tomorrow and hope to complete the GDMBR in early Sept. While I feel confident I will complete the route, I would not recommend anyone, except the true diehards and masochist, to take-on this unnecessarily challenging route. Stay Gold!

07-28-03 Andrew Dunn, London, England aggdunn@yahoo.com Great Divide
Angus Rivers, London, England  angus.rivers@ic.ac.uk Great Divide
Like Alvin on the page before, the kind owners of the Great Divide Cyclery in Helena, MT told us all about this wonderful place, but unlike Alvin, we totally forgot about it because we lost the card that we had acquired there. So, mainly because of a wish to experience some speed after the long haul up Togowtee Pass, we blindly headed down into the valley and so became one of the few groups to stumble in by chance to Aspen Meadows for no other reason than your sign on the road. And what wonderful chance it was-having been on the verge of despair at where to stay last night, suddenly we find ourselves taken in by Dave and Jo-An, a pair of "trail angels" if ever there was one. Their hospitality is unmatched, and we leave with full stomachs and after a good night sleep-what more could weary travelers ask for?  Many Thanks!

07-29-03 Rex Wildman, 604 S. Colfax St., Warsaw, IN 46580
Rod Wildman, 2504 Marjorie St., Winona Lake, IN 46590
Troy Hershberger, 2655 Liberty Dr., Winona Lake, IN 46590
Bryant Hutsun, 275 S. Huntersridge, Warsaw, IN 46582
Aaron Tattersall, 818 E. Main, Warsaw, IN 46580
Thank you so much for your hospitality! You have a wonderful place.
Brent Wildman, 1740 Park Ave., Winona Lake, IN 46590
Thanks and God Bless!
Kirk Swaidner, 2511 Orchard, Winona Lake, IN

07-29-03 Grik-jan Brunninkreef,  Westerbork,  The Netherlands erikjanbrunninkreef@hotmail.com
I liked it so much here that I stayed for two days!  I am ready for the rest of GDMBR!  Thanks.

07-29-03 Mary & Chris
Dave and Jo-An, Thank you so much for opening your home and hearts to weary travelers. It was a wonderful experience for us city folk! Thank you again.

07-29-03 Spike Beleau, Libertyville, IL
Thank you so much, Jo-An and Dave. The two of you are doing a great job of making the world a better place. I'll be back.

07-29-03 Wim van Hoorn & Tiny van der Werff,  Delft, The Netherlands
Home is Aspen Meadows! Either you adopt us or we adopt you!
Aspen Meadows is the epicenter of the trails: East meets West and North meets South, with such a nice couple living there. Keep going!
Thanks for all the energy: material (calories) and immaterial (hospitality, etc).

07-30-03 Fred & Jeff Scire, Fredrick, MO fscire@starpower.net  dcfo0069@aol.com
We appreciate how welcome and well "taken care of" we have been during our short visit, we will be back.

07-30-03 Jeff Stone, Seattle, WA. On the Great Divide; which I've dreamed of doing for three years. Thanks for making me feel like I was at home while I was here. A great evening with great people as so many of the people I have met so far on my adventures of a lifetime.

07-31-03 Bob Page, Reading, PA Trans Am
Loved your place and hospitality. I ate well and slept well and will tell everyone I meet to stop here. Really enjoyed my stay.

07-31-03 Kevin Gombotz, State College, PA  kgombotz@psu.edu
Well, many thanks for coercing me into spending the night (although I'm an easy sale). Beautiful food, beautiful place, & you are beautiful people. Keep up the good fight! The Biking Didjeridude

07-31-03 James Adams, Columbus, GA  fiftyg@hotmail.com
Trans Am, VA to OR
It's so nice to finally experience what people have been telling me for hundreds of miles: Wonderful food and company.  Thank you so much.

07-31-03 Aaron Beese, VA-AK
Yum, yum! I waddled uncomfortably, but happily, back to the bunkhouse last night and this morning-the food was wonderful and plentiful! And the company & conversation was great! Thanks for a great stay.

08-01-03 Todd Heppler,  Denver, CO
Sometimes while riding, I think about how blessed I am that I've had the opportunity to take this trip of a lifetime, and meet all the wonderful people along the way who help make this a truly memorable experience. Thank you for your warm hospitality, which was sorely needed after a tough day of heat and head winds and two flat tires! Someday, I want to be able to return the favor to others, so the circle continues. The food was yummy and the scenery was spectacular! Thank you very much for hosting Lisa, Debbie, and me. If you want info on Salida, CO., please call my parents, Ed & Bev Heppler: (719) 539-3175.  Best regards, Todd.

Debbie Herrera
What a wonderful way to spend one of our longest days yet, or at least since I have joined Todd in Colorado. Your warmness was a welcoming presence to a very tired body, mind and soul. Special thanks for taking the time to look for us, too. I'm sorry I didn't think to call once we got into town.  I wish you both a wonderful summer-you are clearly our "trail angels". A special thanks for the dinner, breakfast and laundry! Warmest Regards, Debbie

Lisa Kerr (Debbie's sister and SAG)
Your company and hospitality have been extraordinarily wonderful!!  ou're both blessings to all the people you come into contact with. I have enjoyed the stay-the food was terrific too. Wishing you both a happy future. Love, Lisa

08-02-03 Bill  www.gorge.net/vaglient
Truly a highlight of the trip!  Thank you, Dave and Jo-An, for your wonderful hospitality.

08-02-03 Thunder, Megaspore, and Crawdaddy
One of our most luxurious nights so far, huge THANKS for everything. Thanks for looking after us. This has been a wonderful experience. The food and the company were excellent. Word of advice: Ride the mechanical bull at the Whistling Pig Saloon in Saratoga, WY-a visit to the wild, wild West isn't complete without it!

08-03-03 Chris Wendelgest,  wendeljig@hotmail.com
What's not to like about Aspen Meadows? You get great food--lasagna, salad, corn, ice cream, brownies, blue berry pancakes, eggs, sausage, coffee and BEER! And great conversation, a great view, and (most important) a shower and laundry! You leave feeling refreshed and ready to go. Thank you, Dave and Jo-An

08-04-03 Kurt Caswell, kcaswell@lccc.wy.edu On the Divide heading South
I want to live in the Outhouse! A beautiful place, Aspen Meadows.

Amy Winchester, awinchester@nanspa.net
These people seemingly descended from some special place just to serve cyclists! Totally amazing-thank you so much for the great food, shower, clean clothes, and the great place to sit on the pot.

Suzanne Casswell, Cheyenne, WY suzannecaswell@yahoo.com
I thought I was seeing a ghost when Jo-An jumped out of Jody's car and crossed the road in the pouring rain in front of us! But no ghost-just an angel who said "we're just back there up the road, come sleep in a dry bed!"  How did you know we were talking about homemade ice cream for the last four days on the Divide? Your place makes us want to ride Towgotee Pass again and again to keep coming back. Thank you for finding us!

08-09-03 Keith Peters, Jackson, WY  Race Training Ride
Thanks so much Dave & Jo-An! I can't believe the bike riders in nearby Jackson don't take full advantage of your wonderful hospitality. I'll just have to see what I can do to change that. You can be sure I'll be back-soon and often.

08-10-03 Barbara Triolo,  Bellvue, CO
Elise Walsh, 2820 Dean Dr., Fort Collins, CO  80521 (970) 482-3501 ewalsh@psd.klz.co.us
Wow! Hospitality and accommodations par excellence.what a wonderful respite from tenting in crowded campgrounds. Thank you for opening your home to cyclists-what a gift. I would love to bike back through here with my 20-year-old son.

08-11-03 Norm, Bob, & Greg Agar  www.woodman6598.attbi.com
No one told me, when they recommended this bikers hostel, that it was in fact a 5 Star Hotel.  You read through this book and everything said is the gospel.  The food, the company,  our cabin, we loved it all.

08-13-03 Bernard & Danielle, on the Divide to Panama  bernard_vele@hotmail.com
Hard to day a loud enough "thank you" for the kindness and generosity with which you welcomed us-and the other cyclists-and make us feel at home. We thoroughly enjoyed our two nights stay in the cabin, and certainly the food and the ice cream. You pay a lot of attention to your guests, and we will remember our stop here all the way to Panama, if we make it to there!

08-14-03 Gorder Sardisar, Scotland  Touring West Quoddy Head, MA to Olympic Penninsula
Having heard people raving about Aspen Meadows for the last several hundred miles, we had to make it here from Lander, WY. It has been well worth the tough day's work! What a fantastic place, great food, hospitality and location.  Needless to say we will be raving about this place to anyone we meet on the road now!

Alan Brownlee, Northern Ireland  Touring West Quoddy Head, Ma to Olympic Peninsula
Aspen Meadows fulfilled all my expectations and more, and believe you me, the expectations were high after the numerous recommendations. Thank you for the great hospitality. The reputation of your hostel will live long on our lips, so expect any bikers we meet to call in on their journey. Enjoy what's left of the summer and have a great winter. All the best, Alan.

08-14-03 Katrin, Nathan, and Loren Teal
Back for a visit with little Nathan Wayne Teal (8 months). So much has changed, but the warmth and hospitality found here has been the same. We love you both so much. God Bless!

08-18-03 Jonathan Sledge, Irondale, AL
Thank you so much for opening up your home to me. It felt good to sit on a couch with some kind folks. This is the first time I could really fill my stomach with the best food ever. It was amazing to see a table filled with food and y'all say "eat it up." Thank you again, and God Bless y'all.

08-19-03 Chris Polenchek, 115 E. 11th St., Lawrence, KS 66044  West Bound Trans AM
This place was truly an oasis and a home away from home!  The food was great and only matched by your hospitality.  The two combined have recharged me and I am now ready for more of the open road

08-22-03 Jim Jennison, Boise, ID
Wow! Thank you so much for the shelter from the rain and hard ground. I heard only good things from other billions about you. Now I will pass on the word as well.

08-23-03 Dave Shaeffer, Augusta, GA  Great Divide, Northbound
What more could a cold-tired-hungry traveler ask for? Looking forward to possibly being neighbors in Salida some day

08-24-03 Eric Huber, Davis, CA
Thank you so much for your kind hospitality and generous offerings. This world would be infinitely better if only a fraction of the people were like Dave & Jo-An.  Thank you!

08-25-03 Fred, West Bound Trans AM
This place could not have happened at a better time. I'm sure God had it planned this way. I was doing 100 miles (plus) a day for a couple of weeks, and dealing with a headwind! Crosswind most of the time since I started in Kansas, so I was really looking forward to what I would experience here. I'm sure that I'll recover and be able to finish this trip, in large part to the meals and fine living conditions here at Aspen Meadows.  Thanks again, and God Bless.

08-26-03 Johan Weis, North of Black Forest, Germany Anchorage AK  South on Divide
When I started my trip in Anchorage, Alaska, I met a guy who told me to go to Aspen Meadows in Dubois, WY. He was right to recommend this place. I came to know two nice people, got the best meal for several weeks, with real salad, could sleep in a real house in a soft bed, and my clothes are clean now. So I can go on with new energy, heading South.  Thank you very much.

08-27-03 Rev. Dr. Dean E. Wilson, St. Louis, MO Trans Am West
& 08-28-03 On our drive back from Lander, Dave picked up Dean near Crowheart, WY. He was west bound on the Trans Am struggling against headwinds so strong that he was forced to walk his bike. Dean took a free day, and left early the morning of the 29th, hoping to avoid the wind. (He did not sign our journal, out of concern he would disturb our sleep.)

09-07-03 Samuel Mix & Kristin Ruger, McKinleyville, CA Southbound on The Great Divide Trail
My husband and I started in Kalispell, MT, and we've been slowly riding south on The Great Divide Trail. We heard about this place from Gwen in Helena, MT at the Great Divide Bike Shop. We ride in on a very rainy and cold day, and I was so happy to be able to sleep indoors after a week of sleeping in a wet and cold tent, due to condensation problems.  Dave and Jo-An are so nice and helpful and the food is wonderful. Thank you and thank God for people like you. God Bless! Love, Kris & Sam

09-11-03 Ray Clark, Canada to Mexico, soleray@aol.com
What a blessing!  I woke up yesterday in a winter wonderland. Pretty to look at, but frigid and wet. I don't know what I'd have done without Dave and Jo-An. Warm, clean and dry laundry, best food on the Great Divide, best night's sleep and I got the fan-tas-tic company of Dave and Jo-An. I will never forget them, until I'm senile and then I'll have their picture to remind me. God Bless you both! Ray

09-12-03 Chad Jacobsen, C2C 2003 Maine to Oregon, teamvip.com
After an amazing meal, hot shower, Cubs game (they won!), fantastic conversation, clean laundry, and a brownie topped with homemade peppermint ice cream! I walked back to my cabin amidst the fresh falling snow! Am I happy to be inside, clean and warm tonight? Oh, yes, you better believe it! Dave and Jo-An, thank you so much for your amazing hospitality.  What a great stop, I would love to be doing what you are doing here!  Maybe some day..I will be drifting off to sleep tonight a happy man (and one who has ate one too many pieces of meatloaf, but I couldn't resist!)

09-19-03 Andy Mikerrou, The Bike Gallery, Portland, OR to Nelson, B.C.on Great Divide to Mexico to Portland - At least I hope I do this part!
2333 NE Multnomah St., Portland, OR 97232
Well, I wish I wasn't so late in the season, because I'd love to be able to enjoy my cozy cabin for a second night! You've got a really special hostel here, so nice & calm after all the national park business.  I really needed a place to recuperate from the cold and wind, and it's inspiring to see how many people came through this year. Thanks for your support and for having such lovely accommodations and hospitality! P.S., I love the new outhouse! Take care, Andy.

09-20-03 Mark Bonnington, New Zealand "kiwi"
What a lovely day's ride up the valley from Lander. So nice to stay with you guys, love that pumpkin pie, Jo-An! I will definitely remember my stay as a highlight and will spread the word if I meet other cyclists on the Trans Am. I have to checkout your web page, and I will send you a postcard from my trip's end. Thank you both for the hospitality!