Prior to Guest Log:

07/11/02 - David Llewelyn, Pete and Stan
New Zealand
TA West Bound

07/15/02 - Mike & John (with sag)
CD South Bound

07/18/02 - Travis Kruger & Corin
TA West Bound

Guest Log:

07/19/02 - Joe Deely
11806 Gun Run Trail
Hinton, VA 22831
Rawley Springs, VA
Yorktown to Oregon
TA West Bound
"Thank you so much for such a wonderful evening. What a pleasant night. Thanks." Joe

07/19/02 - Christian Ruckstuhl
Weidhofma #3
6044 Udliganswil
TA West Bound
"Thanks for the great meal."

07/19/02 - Randy Fay
1830 S. Xavier St.
Denver, CO 80219 Denver to Jackson, WY
Randy@the Fays.us

07/19/02 - Larry Flint
Lock Haven, PA
Yorktown, VA to Seattle, WA
"Thanks for the great meals and place to stay! This place is a diamond in the rough----"

07/21/02 - Vince Seaman
Roseville, CA
CD South Bound
"A wonderful stop. I will send you the ice cream maker before Oct. Thanks for opening your home and lives to us." (Shared his best ice cream recipes with me-loved by all)

07/21/02 - Garland Weller
4425 Las Encinitas Dr.
Fair Oaks, CA 95628
"What a wonderful stop and folks, Dave and JoAn. Thanks so very much."

07/21/02 - Susan & Jon Wakeman
203 Magnolia Bluff Dr.
Columbia, S.C. 29229
"Wow. Very Special. One of a kind. Thank you for your hospitality and conversation. Best of wishes." (We want to change homes for a week ok?)

07/21/02 - Katrin Bath-Teal
1241 Sycamore
Tustin, CA 92080
CD South Bound to Mexico
"Thank you for opening your homes to us. The food and company were beyond
expectations. I plan on coming back next summer, so think about that
bathhouse. I will look forward to seeing you then."
( 5 months pregnant - traveling without husband - well cared for by biker
companion, Garland, leader)

07/21/02 - Danny Stone
Boiling Springs, PA
TA East Bound
"What wonderful folks and super accommodations. Thanks for going out of your way for a stranger. Would surely stay here again if I were in the area. I would recommend Aspen Meadows to anyone. Thanks, Dave and JoAn." Lost gears, took him to Lander.

07/25/02 - Katie Simons
TA East
"Thank you so much for an absolutely fabulous retreat! One of the most luxurious 24 hours of my whole trip. I gratefully appreciated your warm hospitality. Thanks again."

07/25/02 - Katie (#2) Hergenrather
Hood River, OR to Kentucky
"Thank you SOOO Much! It is nice to meet such open and thoughtful people. Thanks for making some good memories for us!"

07/25/02 - David Kmet & Jen Bauerle
1455 Hunter Ave.
Columbus, OH 43201
"Thank you for helping us make our way. The beauty of this trip comes from meeting folks like you. The legend of "Aspen Meadows" will move up the road with us. Keep up the good work."

07/26-27/02 - Steve & Shelly Casagrande
CD West Bound (part of 2 yr. tour)
"Thanks for a wonderful stay! We enjoyed visiting and relaxing for an extra day-a great day to rest. Best of luck--we hope that many more cyclists get the opportunity to enjoy your hospitality."

07/31/02 - Kevin Molloy
245 34th Ave.
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
CD South Bound
"Dave & JoAn, Thank you so much for providing such incredible hospitality for the bike riders. I truly enjoyed Everything you provided-food, lodging and friendship. I'm glad I had the opportunity to encounter you both. Thank you again, Kevin"

08/01/02 - Alan Sipes
2710 Fillmore St.
Denver, CO 80205
"You have the cabin and view that is a match to what has always been in my mind as the ideal mountain cabin."

08/01/02 - Stan Shirk
5019 Parker St.
Omaha, NE 68104
(Hop Scotch Sag)
"Thank you for the hospitality and great food."

08/01/02 - Brad Price
2143 Bear Creek Rd.
Papillion, NE 68133
"Thanks for inviting us into you home. After growing up in the country as a boy, it is nice to once again experience such friendship & hospitality!" Shared recipes for bug toast & breakfast pizza.

08/01/02 - Robert Guillard
13964 Sahler St.
Omaha, NE 68164
"Thanks very much for the hospitality & food."

08/03/02 - Chris Rudzinski
191 College Ave. Apt. 2
Somerville, MA 02134

Jeff (Greg) Rudzinski
326 SE 26th St.
Portland, OR
TA West Bound, Boston, MA to Portland, OR
"Most gracious for everything, Dave & JoAn. Thanks for the tour, the view, the cabin stay, and the food. The world needs more good people like you. We will be sure to spread the good word."

08/06/02 - Jon David (dark hair, beard)
47 Half Acre
Williton, Somerset
England, TA4 4PB
Gareth David (blond)
TA East Bound Seattle to Yorktown, VA
"Thank you very much for the hospitality. The food was excellent and we loved the cabin. Easily the best stay so far. We especially liked the "bug bread". Well worth the long day's ride to get here. Thank you once again and we'll be sure to recommend you to anyone headed your way. Best food, best sleep, and best stay of our trip."

08/07/02 - Fedde en Lijanne Wildenbegst
Van Beekweg 7
3851 LP Ermelo
TA West Bound Virginia Beach to Florence, OR
"We really liked our stay here after a long day ride. You really spoiled us with delicious food and a good nights sleep. Thank you David & JoAn."

08/11/02 - Stewart Pearce
Birr Cottage
Nr Yelverton, Devon 207PG
"Your hospitality was unbelievable! We are in shock! Your food was delicious and the bed was so comfortable. We will be telling other bikers about you and the Cycle Tourist Club of GB. Thank you both for making our stay so memorable." Stewart

08/11/02 - John Crossnsen
30 Merrivane View Rd.
Devon, PL 6YS
"Stewart says it all. Thank you very much for your hospitality and kindness. The food was wonderful and the beds comfortable. What every biker needs. Thanks again."

08/14/02 - Rhona Taylor
3 Mount Pleasant
DOB Lane
Sowerby, West Yorkshire
HX 61 PH
"JoAn and Dave - it has been wonderful to rest here and be taken care of-food, laundry, hot shower, thick mattress and you're good company. This has certainly been a high light of my trip. I'll carry memories of your hospitality and kindness for a long time!"

08/14/02 - Fran & Andy Smith
UK & Ireland
"Thank you so very much for the last 18 hours. It's been so restful and refreshing; especially being invited into your home and being cooked for. That spaghetti sauce was Unforgettable!! I hope you keep up this wonderful tradition which you have started-I'm sure all bikers will be overjoyed."

08/14/02 - Dirk Aachen

08/14/02 - Helen Fenton
3 Mount Pleasant
Dob Lane
Sowerby, West Yorkshire
"Many thanks to you both for welcoming us into your home and making us feel so comfortable! It's been a fabulous rest for me, here at Aspen Meadows. And thanks too for the wonderful food, hot shower, laundry, internet…what more could a Great Divide Biker possibly ask for?!"

08/13/02 - "Stephan the German Cycle Bum" took some days off at 08/15/02

this lovely place.. I am not sure if I have ever eaten so much! It was just too delicious. Hope I make the climb tomorrow! Thank you so much, JoAn and Dave for offering this Paradise to us cyclists. Guys like you keep us going on such a trip. I had a fantastic time. Take care….." "I Will Be Back……." Stephan Spietge (peet ger)

08/15/02 - Rob Propster
Virginia Beach to Astoria via Bonnarod
"It's been a pleasure, I feel like I'm making history (#44) You have a great place here. Thank you for sharing with us your home and your lives. Keep in touch. You're always welcome at the beach."
*June Curry "The Cookie Lady"
3252 Afton Mountain Road
Afton, VA 22920-2212

08/17/02 - Michelle & Jeff Gillespie
1515 S. Eugene St.
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
Jmgille@lsu.edu (#45 & #46)
"Thanks so very much for your hospitality. The experience has made me feel as if we ran into relatives along the way that we didn't know we had. I'm thankful that we ran into Rob and Stephan a few miles up the road and that Stephan Absolutely insisted that we stop. The spaghetti was delicious and the conversation great. Please know that you always have a bed in Baton Rouge. The deal here is reason enough to take up cross country cycling."

08/24/02 - The Byers Family, Telford & Julie
Allison (17) & Elise (12)
3715 Belmont Dr, Hood River, OR 97031
D.C. to Ennis, MT
"Almost done! Thanks for a wonderful evening and relaxing morning. It's hard to leave. Great food, comfortable cabin & awesome scenery. Good luck & best wishes." Love, the Byers

08/24/02 - Mark Batterson
2723 Fort Dr.
Richmond VA 23221
"Left Portland OR on August 2 - heading home to Richmond VA on about Oct. 1, 2002. Thank you very much!"

08/24/02 - Richard Gardner
2723 Fort Dr.
Alexandria, VA 22303
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rgbikejourney Key West-DC-West Coast "Great Stop Here!"

08/31/02 - Daniel Nelson
1420 Houston Ave.
Grand Junction, CO 81501
"Thanks a lot."

09/04/02 - Christopher Wolpert
4004 Cope St. #3
Anchorage, AK. 99503
"This is a great service you're providing for the bikers! This has been the #1 stop on my entire trip. I wish you the best in the future, and I will be sure to pass on the good word."

09/07/02 - Pascal Keimberg
Rebecca Grunder
Zeigweg 9
CH - 3047 Bremgarten b. Bern
Switzerland tel: 41 31 305 9681
"I'm stuffed. We had a great time; the food was great, too. All the best." The Swiss-American Fat Lazy Bastards Team.

09/07/02 - Chresten Sorgensen
Danielle Lombardi
21 Garrison Oaks Dr.
Kennebunk, ME 04043
"The cabin was a welcome home for the night…we want to stay more. Hanging with the Fat Bastard Team and talking shop was much-o fun. Good luck with #100 next year."

09/07/02 - Paul Leeger "The Dude"
178 Corinthia Dr.
"We need more of these places in America. Great food, services and people. I wish I could stay until the rain stops." J Thanks.

09/07/02 - Daniell Lombardi
12 Winding Hollow Rd.
Amberst, NH 03031
Thank you, Dave & JoAn for a wonderful HOME for the night. Your cabin was
perfect for reading, cozying and
sleeping, and your living room was a perfect meeting place.
the night was full and rich with the best food, conversation
(so far)! Thank you so much for your incredible hospitality,
(and your homemade ice cream & bug juice)."

09/08/02 - Eric Hausman
11470 Euclid Ave #223
Cleveland, OH 44106
Kim Wagemans
St.-Rochusstr gn
B-2100 Devrne (Antwerp)
"Thanks for a wonderful time! Good luck with all your future plans…Take care." Eril "Thank you! I'm very happy Joe & Larry told us about this place. It is really unique." Kim

09/12/02 - Mike Cline
Christy Beever
2185 West 8th Ave, #307
Vancouver, British Columbia V6K 2A5 Canada
"Thank you so much. This place is a Great Divide rider's dream come true. The food was excellent, and it was great to meet you both. It would be great to stay for longer, but it looks like we have a tough pass to tackle, so we better get riding! Take care!" Mike

09/17/02 - Peter & Anna Iltis
6 Folly Mill Rd.
Salisburg, MA 01952
"This stop was the culmination of THE BEST day of our trip! Your gracious hospitality and warm reception was a true blessing to us. Thank you so very much. We will pass the word!" Peter "Thank you ever so much for your hospitality & your wonderful food will definitely be a highlight of our trip!!" Anna

10/10/02 - Wes Steele
606 Anderson St.
Greencastle, IN 46135
"Dave & JoAn, I can't thank you enough for your hospitality. You have shared so much and what will stay with me most are the stories you shared around the table. If I'm ever back in this area, I'll be sure and stop in."

10/10/02 - Sean Patrick Flanagan
No address
(# 66 ) Aspiring journalist on a two year journey of this Continent by backpack and cycle.
"At some point the days just bleed into one another, and a journey such as this can become a blur of road and sky, mountain & river. You start to forget the names of towns, and the names of people, or what you ate for lunch; or even why you are out here, doing something this crazy. But, there are those moments, those places, and certain people…. This home, & everything about you guys and what you are doing for those passing through, puts everything back into perspective. Nothing that transpired here will I forget, ever. This place is a symbol of solace to me now, and I await the day I may return & visit with you again."

"P.S. I'll split wood and pile brush for you guys ANY time! Have fun in Florida, and …GO CUBS!!"